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Netflix VPN unblocker
Subscribers in various locations around the world have access to differing Netflix libraries, based on where they live. A movie available in USA may not be so in Canada – usually because of commercial licensing agreements. It’s easy to circumvent this restriction. If your favorite boxset is available in Montreal but not Miami, use 1Click VPN to fool the Netflix server to a location where the content is available. It’s as easy as that in one click!
Unblock Facebook
Certain countries, that don’t want their citizens to have a full picture of what might be going on in the world, block Facebook so that their population can’t use the platform to cause civil unrest. In fact, nearly every government on the planet has restricted Facebook content in one way or another over the years, based upon the geography of its users. Try accessing any social media through 1ClickVPN and changing your location server to another part of the world. It’s an eye opener!
Unblock Instagram
An Instagram IP ban is more serious than an 'activity ban'. The former means that Insta won't allow any content to be posted from your IP address - usually signaling some serious transgressions on your part. Activity bans tend to be temporary and short term. IP bans cause any connections from the blacklisted address to be refused. The only way around this is to have Click VPN use a different anonymous IP on your behalf. When that's fixed - a word to the wise- behave yourself!
Access BBC iPlayer with a VPN
Almost certainly one of the finest, advert-free independent television content producers in the world, the BBC is the flagship of broadcasting in the UK. Publicly founded by license fees, its streaming service, the iPlayer, restricts content to UK IP addresses that have registered to pay that fee. But if you’re living overseas, the only way to access your favorite Beeb content is by using a VPN to create your virtual IP address in the UK. Enjoy!
Stream Amazon Prime With a VPN
The HBO Max streaming service is not available to many regions outside the USA. If you try to access HBO from a blocked location, a ‘Not in Service Area’ error message appears. But with 1Click VPN, your location can be cloaked by replacing it with a virtual server based in the USA. Home Box Office then truly becomes wherever your home might be, anywhere in the world!
Watch HBO from outside the USA With a VPN
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Unblock YouTube with a VPN
The YouTube platform is available in most countries with few geo-restrictions, aside from such places as China and North Korea, where it is banned completely. But some blocks still remain no matter where you are, often for licensing and copyright reasons. If you are travelling away from home, 1Click VPN can unlock such blocked YouTube content by encrypting your web traffic through a secondary server at a virtual worldwide location of your choice. Your location, your tube!

How does
a Streaming VPN work?

Geo Fencing / Geo restrictions
The principle of geographic restrictions on any streamed content via any platform is the same. For legal, contractual, and commercial reasons, movies, TV shows, and even social media posts are often blocked from residents of one country if they try to access that content in another region. 1Click VPN automatically detects this blockage, and switches to using an anonymous server from its network with an IP address that is not blocked by the target site. Simple.
Internet service providers
ISPs are notorious for logging details of each customer’s internet activity. They can sell that data about you, monetizing your online activity to advertisers.

It's almost like stealing. It's your data, after all, but there is often small print in the contract and privacy policy that effectively says 'we can sell any information about you to anyone'. Using 1Click VPN puts a privacy shield between you and the ISP, so your activity cannot be recorded.
Streaming Websites content blocking
As you can see above, almost any website that streams content to its users places geographic restrictions on which material can be viewed from what locations. For example, HBO are very strict with licensing and copyright, so their material is often only visible to users with IP addresses in the USA. But using 1Click VPN means that you can choose an unrestricted server in seconds and stream away!


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