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The Best VPN to unblock
BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is blocked for users outside the UK. But what if you are a BBC license holder and you go abroad for a two-week holiday? In which case, the only way to access BBC iPlayer is by using 1ClickVPN.

How to stream Disney Plus
With a VPN?

Get 1Click VPN on your browser
Select Streaming VPN Special Mode Or Select US from the location list
You are all set - you’ve unblocked BBC iPlayer

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When Overseas

How to stream BBC with a VPN
To access BBC programs from outside the UK, it’s only necessary to install 1ClickVPN to ‘trick’ the iPlayer’s detection systems.
Can you watch BBC live abroad
loremHow to watch BBC live With a VPN
BBC player will not allow IP addresses that they detect to be outside the UK. 1ClickVPN uses a UK-based IP address, which you can access in turn from anywhere else in the world.
loremCan you watch BBC from outside the UK?
1ClickVPN allows you to stream the BBC’s programs live via the iPlayer platform from anywhere in the world using a UK-based IP address.

How does
BBC VPN works?

Special Us based IP to unblock BBC
One of the many countries and continents where
1ClickVPN has a presence is in the United Kingdom, so our UK-based servers with appropriate IP addresses can work around any geographical restrictions placed by the BBC.
Changing IP location
1ClickVPN uses an international network of
servers across 52 countries of the world,
so you can change your effective IP location with 1Click.
Smart IP switching to avoid detection
IP switching involves using an IP address from
a server which isn’t blocked by a given
website or streaming platform due to
geographical restrictions; the 1ClickVPN
user then ‘assumes’ that IP address, regardless
of where it is in the world.


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