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Shopping online?
Here's how a VPN hides your identity and saves you money

Amazon VPN
Ever visited Amazon to do some online shopping, then returned later but logged on from a friend’s computer? The price may have increased since your last visit. It’s because online sellers adjust prices based on what they know about your location. It's called 'dynamic pricing'. You can remove these inconsistencies by using a VPN, because you can just choose the VPN server location that offers the best price, wherever you are in the world, and stick to it.
Again, it's the dynamic pricing techniques of eBay shops that needs to be understood. Try a process of trial and error; select a VPN server outside your normal area of residence. Change the server location a few times as you browse eBay, so you can see any price fluctuations. You can even keep the prices on a spreadsheet - is there a pattern? We'll bet there is. You can save a packet using 1Click VPN on eBay. You're welcome!

How does
a eCommerce VPN works?

Dynamic pricing & personalized pricing
Dynamic pricing is a contentious subject. Some consumers see it as them being exploited, while others recognize it as nothing other than a microcosm of the free market in real-time.
If you want to buy a heavy overcoat from a high street store in the summer, it’s very likely cheaper than buying that same garment in the winter. E-commerce dynamic pricing is just much more agile and draws upon dozens more data touchpoints. Smart VPN users can turn these criteria to their advantage.
Internet service providers
ISPs record all your online activity – searches and browsing history, then they sell the output to the highest bidder. Such data is more valuable than gold to these companies. After your details have been sold, you’ll be targeted with adverts for the things that suppliers know you’re likely to buy – almost certainly at higher prices than to regular potential customers. Using 1Click VPN means your activity can’t be tracked, and you can’t be exploited based on your customer profile.
eCommerce websites analytics and cookies
Google Analytics and browser cookies are a dead giveaway to any eCommerce site about your online activity and your preferences and likely behavior online. Imagine that you’re a keen coin collector. Those cookies placed on your browser will be a dead giveaway to an online coin shop that you’re an easy touch! You’re addicted to coin collection, and they know it. Up go the prices. But using a 1Click VPN means that you’re an anonymous browser. Watch the difference!


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