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1Click VPN

Why 1Click VPN
is Free?
Because we believe internet security shouldn't come at a cost
Using a VPN automatically blocks everyone from knowing your identity and prevents your ISP or government from blocking content.
No Ads
Our inbuilt ad-blocking and safe browsing solution detects ads, malicious websites, and scam websites and blocks them automatically.
Truly Global - No restrictions
Our smart algorithms will choose the best VPN server to connect to, but if you want to go manual, you can always choose from one of our 531 base server locations.

In the future, we plan on adding paid premium locations and dedicated IPs, but the base locations will always remain free.
Anonymized data
We are always trying to improve our ad-blocking and safe browsing abilities, so we might need to collect anonymized data so our algorithms can improve.
Our Team
As a fully remote company, our team of dev, IT, design, and security talents are spread across the world.
Want to join our team? Send us a note at careers@1clickvpn.com


The best VPN Service ever! I’m totaly recommend it to everyone who needs Secure & Privacy VPN

Just a Couple clicks and you have VPN on. No sign-ups, no payment. Love it!

The only free VPN I found for Belgium. Works Great!