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How does 1Click VPN work?

Built with cybersecurity in mind, 1ClickVPN acts as a middleman between you and the internet and keeps your identity hidden by changing your IP address to one of our 531 VPN servers.

How does
1Click VPN work?

Detects Geo restrictions
Our app detects any geo-restrictions and geo-blocks on-the-fly and then automatically changes the IP location to one of our VPN servers, unblocking the content without you having to do anything.
Blocks Internet Service Providers (ISP) Data
When using 1Click VPN, your ISP can’t log your web activity nor throttle your data because they don’t know who it is accessing the web – even though it’s you, because the traffic is routed via our anonymous VPN.
Blocks Cookies
Instead of having to ‘deny cookies’ with a pop-up every time you visit a website, there’s no hassle, because 1Click blocks all cookies by default.
Safe Search
Safe search means that when you search for something online. If 1Click detects any spam or malicious websites, the app automatically blocks it or pops an alert.
Anti Malware
Malware can’t get past 1Click VPN’s encrypted security filters because Anti-Malware comes as standard – it’s built into the app – protecting your devices 24/7 (as long as 1Click VPN is running in the background).


The best VPN Service ever! I’m totaly recommend it to everyone who needs Secure & Privacy VPN

Just a Couple clicks and you have VPN on. No sign-ups, no payment. Love it!

The only free VPN I found for Belgium. Works Great!