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The Best
VPN for Netflix

1Click VPN allows you to access your Netflix from wherever in the world without data throttling or data monitoring.

How to stream Disney Plus
With a VPN?

Get 1Click VPN on your browser
Select Streaming VPN Special ModeSelect Streaming VPN Special Mode Or Select US from the location list
You are all set - Netflix and Chill!

Everything you wanted
to ask about Netflix VPN

How to get around Netflix blocks with a VPN
Regional content restrictions are automatically removed from Netflix by 1Click VPN by its automatic instantaneous IP address switching facility.
How to choose the best Netflix library with a VPN location
You might prefer Bollywood to Hollywood, but as long as you choose your prfered location with 1ClickVPN, you can access your Netflix Library from Calcutta to California or any other location out there!
How to download a Netflix VPN
Just download a tiny file, click one icon and you’re good to go. No hassle! No registrations! No Payments!
Does Netflix ban accounts using a VPN
Netflix cannot ban a VPN user because their access is undetectable as coming from a VPN location.

How does
Netflix VPN works?

Special Us based IP to unblock Netflix
If you want to use a Netflix library in the USA but you live elsewhere, 1ClickVPN will provide you with a US based IP address so you’ll be all set.
Changing IP location
IP locations can be changed automatically by 1ClickVPN or by the user themselves, by choice.
Smart IP switching to avoid detection
If 1ClickVPN is the subject of monitoring by Netflix it immediately switches servers to a fresh location.


The best VPN Service ever! I’m totaly recommend it to everyone who needs Secure & Privacy VPN

Just a Couple clicks and you have VPN on. No sign-ups, no payment. Love it!

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