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The Best
Disney Plus VPN

1ClickVPN is ideal for watching DisneyPlus if you’re away from home Or if your ISP throttles your data.

How to stream Disney Plus
With a VPN?

Get 1Click VPN on your browser
Select Streaming VPN Special ModeSelect Streaming VPN Special Mode Or Select US from the location list
You are all set - You have Disney Plus

Unblock Social Media
When Overseas

How to change Disney Plus’s region with a VPN
Just choose from one of 1ClickVPN’s many international servers based across 52 countries. Or let us choose the best VPN server by choosing the “Streaming VPN” option.
How to unlock the full Disney Plus library with a VPN location
If your Disney Plus account is geographically restricted, use 1Click VPN to choose an unrestricted IP address location and you are all set.
Why do you need a VPN for Disney+?
1ClickVPN can allow you to access Disney+ in other countries where subscriptions may be cheaper by using an appropriate IP address. It may also help you to unblock additional Disney Plus content that’s restricted in your location.
How to watch Disney Plus on Windows / Mac with a VPN
You only need to install via one click to and get our browser extension and 1ClickVPN is instantly installed on your browser on your mac or windows device. Additionaly you can just install the Mac or Windows VPN application from Microsoft or Apple stores.

How does
Disney+ VPN works?

Special Us based IP to unblock Disney Plus
Access Disney + when you’re away from the US with a special 1ClickVPN IP address.
Changing IP location
You can either change your IP location manually or 1ClickVPN will choose the best IP address for your desired location.
Smart IP switching to avoid detection
Whenever 1ClickVPN detects that it’s being
monitored it switches instantly to a different
server to avoid detection.


The best VPN Service ever! I’m totaly recommend it to everyone who needs Secure & Privacy VPN

Just a Couple clicks and you have VPN on. No sign-ups, no payment. Love it!

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