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Welcome to 1Click VPN
Affiliate Program

As a 1ClickVPN affiliate; you’ll get paid for every install sourced by you, yeah just an install! We just want growth for our free VPN platform, so you only need to get approved by our affiliate team, and very soon, you’ll be good to go.

Why does 1Click VPN Affiliate Program Rocks?

It’s free!
1Click VPN is completely free to the end user, with no signups and no registrations. Users simply get a seamless VPN experience; we need affiliates to spread the word
CPI Based
Our affiliate program is based on a CPI or ‘Cost Per Install’, which is better for rewarding affiliates as there are no end-user friction points for sign-ups.
High Conv. Rate
1ClickVPN’s affiliate program offers a high conversion rate because it's a free product with zero-touch points, so end-users get immediate value.
High ROI
1ClickVPN has high ROI because it has zero friction points for the end user as it's installed in one click, thereby offering a high conversion rate via our CPI payment structure.

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